Al-Halboosi meets with the President of the Republic

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi met on Friday with the President of the Republic, Dr. Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid.


‏During the meeting, they discussed the political situation in the country, welcoming the formation of the government and its service program, and supporting everything that would achieve the aspirations of the Iraqis.


‏A number of pending laws were discussed and the importance of setting a timetable for their approval was emphasized. In this context, the activities and discussions that take place in the Presidency of the Republic and Parliament regarding laws were discussed, as well as the need for the President of the Republic to attend some of the discussions that take place regarding important legislation, in addition to visiting members of Parliament, heads of blocs and the committees to the Presidency of the Republic to present their perceptions and ideas about the laws.


‏The two sides agreed on the importance of holding meetings of the three presidencies from time to time to discuss developments and take action in their regard.


‏Media Office

‏Of the Parl. Speaker

‏Nov 18, 2022