Al-Halboosi Receives Representatives Of The Families Of The Victims Of The Hamdaniyah Tragedy

On Saturday, the Parliament Speaker, Mohammed al-Halboosi, received a number of representatives of the families of the victims of the Hamdaniyah tragedy in the Parliament building.


During the meeting, His Excellency renewed his condolences to the families of the victims of the tragic fire accident, stressing that the Parliament stands with the families of the victims, noting that a vote was taken today on a resolution that included a number of paragraphs to support them, and its implementation will be followed up with the relevant authorities, and the Parliament decided:


First: Recommending to the government to compensate the injured and the families of the victims of the tragedy financially and morally.


Second: Recommending the government to take the necessary measures to treat those injured inside and outside Iraq.


Third: The government shall allocate the necessary financial amounts to meet the requirements of what is included in paragraphs one and two from the emergency budget or from the budget of the Ministry of Health, according to the government’s point of view.


Fourth: Recommending to the Council of Ministers to resend draft laws that stipulate compensation for victims of such accidents, and to include in these projects the victims of the Hamdaniyah tragedy, in addition to other disasters that occurred during the previous period.


Fifth: The government must take the necessary measures to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future, and not grant approvals to establish halls for meetings and events except after verifying that they meet safety requirements.


Sixth: Recommending to the Supreme Judicial Council to form a judicial committee to investigate the circumstances of the accident and hold negligent persons accountable in cooperation with the regulatory and security agencies.


Seventh: The Security and Defence Committee, the Health and Environment Committee, and the Committee for Martyrs, Victims, and Political Exiles must jointly form a committee and present their recommendations to the Parliament.



Media Office

Of the Parl. Speaker

Sep 30, 2023