Al-Zamili gives directions to expedite the approval of the Pension and Social Security Law for Workers 

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hakim Al-Zamili today, Monday, June 6, 2022, ordered the Parliamentary Committees on Services and Construction and Labour and Civil Society organizations to complete the parliamentary process related to the draft law of Pension and Social Security for Workers and to pay it great attention so that it can be passed as soon as possible.

Al-Zamili noted that this law is one of the most important laws and, if enacted, will go a long way towards tackling unemployment and creating job opportunities for young people as it will give private sector employees all rights and privileges on par with public sector counterparts, thereby encouraging private sector investment which contributes to increasing the gross national product.

The proposal is consistent with the text of the letter sent to the Committees under Article 60/II of the current Constitution of the Republic of Iraq.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office