Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah strongly condemns the terrorist attack near an oil refinery in Erbil, and calls on the security services to intensify efforts and pursue terrorists wherever they are 

In a statement issued by his media office, the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, strongly condemned the terrorist attack with Katyusha rockets yesterday evening, which targeted separate areas of Khabat district in Erbil governorate near the Kar oil refinery, His Sovereignty called on the security services to pursue terrorists and destroy their hideouts wherever they are, and the need to take security and military measures to limit the recurrence of terrorist operations.

The deputy Speaker of the Council added in this statement, “The terrorist attack yesterday on Khabat district, near an oil refinery, preceded by the missile bombing of the house of a businessman in the field of energy, Confirms the invalidity of allegations and accusations made by some of the offending parties claiming the presence of foreign elements’ activities on the land of Erbil, These repeated attacks are to strike the energy infrastructure throughout the country, and building energy in Iraq is causing harm to some internal and external parties. While Abdullah called on those who do not have the courage to condemn the repeated terrorist attacks in Erbil Governorate, Not to legitimize these terrorist operations with flimsy pretexts, Noting that the security of the Kurdistan Region is linked to the security of Iraq, and that any breach or terrorist attack on Erbil or any other Iraqi governorate is a transgression of national sovereignty and affects the security of the country in general.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Thursday 7 April 2022