Al-Mandlawi and Sheikh Hammam Hamoudi Emphasize Dialogue and Consensus as the Foundation for Selecting the Speaker of the Council of Representative

On May 11, 2024, the Acting Speaker of the Council of Representatives, Mr. Mohsen Al-Mandlawi, welcomed the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Hammam Hamoudi, at his residence.

During the meeting, they reviewed various important local files and the recent developments in the political arena, particularly focusing on the national efforts to elect a new Speaker for the Council of Representatives. They stressed the importance of quickly resolving this matter through dialogue and mutual agreements. Furthermore, they concurred on supporting the government’s implementation of its programs and positively engaging with regional and international spheres to advance the interests of Iraq and its people.

Media Office of the Acting Speaker of the Council of Representatives
May 11, 2024