Al-Mandalawi Visits Al-Qadiriyya Shrine

Mr. Mohsen Al-Mandalawi, the Acting Speaker of the Council of Representatives, visited Al-Qadiriyya Shrine on Saturday. Accompanied by MP Mr. Hassan Al-Khafaji, he was received by Sheikh Khalid Al-Gilani and Sheikh Afif Al-Din Al-Gilani, along with other distinguished scholars and leaders.

During his visit, Mr. Al-Mandalawi participated in the Maghrib prayer at the Mosque of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani, toured the shrine, the retreat area, and examined significant historical artifacts housed at the site. He engaged with the custodians to gain insights into the shrine’s lineage, historical significance, and operational challenges, and to assess the local community’s needs.

Highlighting the crucial role of religious leadership in fostering national unity, Mr. Al-Mandalawi underscored the effective collaboration between the legislative and executive branches in driving national reforms. He called for increased support from religious leaders to strengthen governmental initiatives, combat extremism, and promote societal coexistence.

Media Office of the Acting Speaker of the Council of Representatives

May 11, 2024