*Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah… on the painful anniversary of the notorious Anfal operations against the people of Kurdistan, he demands the application of justice, the preservation of the democratic experience, and the protection of constitutional gains*.


In a statement issued by him, the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, today, Sunday, 14/4/2024, recalled with great pain the passage of (36) years since the notorious Anfal operations that began in 1988 and claimed the lives of more than (182) thousand children. And the women, youth and elders of the people of Kurdistan at the hands of the deceased Baath, in addition to the implementation of forced displacement campaigns and deportation of Kurdish villages and cities, the use of internationally prohibited chemical weapons and genocide against the Kurds because of their national affiliation.


– The Deputy Speaker called on the federal government to adhere to its duties in implementing justice and compensating the families of the victims of the Anfal operations financially and morally, stressing the need to preserve the democratic experience, protect constitutional gains, and continue understandings and dialogues between political forces to overcome crises and address problems, and support efforts and endeavors aimed at enhancing security and stability in the country.


A tribute to the souls of the martyrs of Kurdistan and to all the martyrs of Iraq.



Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament

April 14, 2024