Al-Halboosi receives the Prince of the Yazidis in Iraq and the world

The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi received, on Monday, the Prince of the Yazidis in Iraq and the world, Hazem Tahsin Bey, and his accompanying delegation, which included representatives of the Yazidi component in the Parliament and a number of clerics, sheikhs and dignitaries from the Yazidi component.


‏ During the meeting, His Excellency listened to a number of demands and problems that need to be addressed, including those related to the construction and conditions of the displaced and the activation of the Yazidi Survivors Law.


‏ His Excellency expressed support for the Yazidi component who were subjected to the most heinous terrorist crimes on the hands of ISIS gangs, stressing the parliament’s readiness to work with the competent authorities to do justice to its people.


‏ On the other hand, Prince Hazem Tahsin Bey expressed his thanks for supporting the requirements of the Yazidi component presented by the delegation, and extended an invitation to His Excellency to visit Sinjar and the Lalish Temple, who promised to fulfill it.



‏Media Office

‏Of the Parl. Speaker

‏Jan 30, 2023