Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah on the anniversary of the September revolution: It is the revolution of free people and fighters for freedom sake and adherence to the legitimate rights of the people of Kurdistan.

Today, Sunday, 9/11/2022, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, recalled with great pride the anniversary of the launch of the September popular revolution led by the spiritual father and leader Mustafa Barzani with his Peshmerga brothers in 1961 in the most difficult stage of Iraq’s history, It was an important message to the rulers and the world to express the solid national will and unify the national identity of the Kurdish people.

The Deputy Speaker of the Council added, by saying on this occasion, “It is the revolution of the free and the freedom fighters and adherence to the legitimate rights of the people of Kurdistan, today, as we recall this heroic epic, we renew confidence in the Kurdish leadership and the heroic Peshmerga, and the democratic experience in Kurdistan must be preserved from the constitutional gains, and consolidating the achievements and the unity of the ranks of the Kurdish House,” stressing the importance of continuing cooperation and joint work between the Kurdish political forces and the Iraqi national forces to consolidate the foundations and pillars of the federal system, and promoting stability and prosperity throughout Iraq.



Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives

Sunday 11 September 2022