The Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives reviews the security file with the Minister of Defense and discusses the procedures for forming the joint brigade to maintain security and stability in the areas separating the federal forces and the region 

Today, Tuesday, 23/8/2022, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed visited the headquarters of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in the capital, Baghdad, and reviewed with the Minister of Defense Jumaa Inad Saadoun, in the presence of a number of senior officers, the latest developments in the situation in the Iraqi arena, and His Sovereignty valued the efforts and sacrifices of the military forces in order to protect the country and repel terrorism, emphasizing his continued support for this sovereign ministry and assigning proposals to the ministry’s financial budget to raise the level of performance, Abdullah also stressed the importance of entrusting the administration of military leaders to national officers to preserve the social fabric and prevent the military institution from engaging in sectarian and national conflicts and political problems*.

The Deputy Speaker of the Council called for completing the procedures for forming the joint brigade in the areas separating the federal government forces and the forces of the Kurdistan Region to address problems and maintain security and stability, while there was talk about security breaches and the need to make more efforts to completely put an end to the pockets and remnants of terrorism in a number of regions, especially within the governorates of Diyala, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk and Nineveh, and the agreement on the integration of forces and the continuation of security cooperation to confront terrorism and support the efforts of the Eighth Division and its restructuring in line with the magnitude of the challenges and the success of its missions to serve all the people of Kirkuk*.

Media Office
of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Tuesday 23 August 2022