Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah on the painful anniversary of the Yazidi genocide, calls for accelerating the reconstruction of Sinjar and compensating the families of the victims


The Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed recalled today, Wednesday 3/8/2022, the painful tragedy of the genocide that our people from the Yazidi Kurds were subjected to in Sinjar from the displacement, killing and kidnapping of most of them were women and children at the hands of the terrorist organization ISIS in 2014, he considered it a heinous, savage crime against humanity and the Yazidi community and a dark chapter in human history, his Excellency called on the federal government to Make every effort possible and expedite the reconstruction of Sinjar and with serious practical steps, achieving the complete renewal of civil life, recognizing the rights of the Yazidi community, and the implementation of the Sinjar Agreement to secure stability and the return of its people to their homes, The Deputy of the Council called for financial and moral compensation to the families of the victims, and the necessity of activating the law of Yazidi survivors, revealing the fate of the abductees, and not tolerating this file*.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Wednesday 3 August 2022