Statement… The Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives denounces what one of the Kaka’i Kurdish Peshmerga fighters has been subjected to insult and abuse, and directs the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee to form a committee to find out the merits of the attack

In a statement issued by him, the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, denounced the insult and unacceptable transgression against the Kaka’i Kurdish fighter (Ayman Abdi Jassim) in the ranks of the Kaka’i Peshmerga forces in the Amerli area of ​​Tuz Khurmatu District, by a group claiming to be affiliated with the Popular Mobilization, his sovereignty considering those who committed this immoral act have violated the laws and human rights, this act must not go unpunished, and this attack led to popular rejection and widespread condemnation of the Kaka’i sect. The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, must take urgent measures to stave off sedition and reach the perpetrators as soon as possible.

Abdullah directed the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee in the Council of Representatives to form an urgent committee to find out the merits of the attack, and follow up the case and prepare a report to be presented then to the Presidency of the Council, The Deputy Speaker called on the Popular Mobilization Authority to take legal measures, hold the negligent accountable and bring them to justice to receive their punishment in accordance with the law, and these actions hurt the reputation of the Popular Mobilization as a national military institution, and what happened is an infringement on religious beliefs and these recurrence attacks must be prevented because they affect civil peace and community security.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Sunday 24 July 2022