Al-Zamali chairs a meeting of heads of Baghdad Governorate departments

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hakim Al-Zamili stressed that serving citizens is the top priority of the Council of Representatives. He called for an “emergency” action plan, with a comprehensive list of services for underserved areas and backlogged projects planned to be completed within a given time frame.

 This took place during his meeting today (Sunday 12 June 2022) with Baghdad Deputy Governor Ali Al-Ithawi, and the heads of the governorate’s departments of Municipalities, Planning, Water Resources, Wastewater, Engineering, and Municipal Affairs, in the presence of several deputies of the capital and the Parliamentary Services Committee.

Al-Zamili stressed the importance of developing a practical plan to implement strategic projects within a specific deadline to spark a development revolution in Baghdad, prioritizing poor and densely populated areas.

 He also stressed that the next plan should include services and infrastructure such as water, electricity, sewer network, pavement, development, rehabilitation, and cleaning activities.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office