Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah heads the formation of the Special Parliamentary Committee to assess the security situation and identify obstacles and problems in Diyala Governorate

With the aim of assessing the security situation and identifying the obstacles and problems facing the security services and military forces holding the ground in Diyala Governorate, a special parliamentary committee was formed headed by the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, and the membership of each of the representatives: (Burhan Al-Maamouri, Ahmed Al-Jubouri, Hammam Al-Tamimi), and the committee held its first meeting and it was agreed to host the security leaders to the Council of Representatives and to conduct field visits to a number of areas in the governorate.

Abdullah explained that the Council of Representatives continues to perform its work and exercise its legislative and oversight functions, and one of the first tasks is the field follow-up of the security file in all its details, He stressed that “the MPs’ assessment of the security situation, Presenting advice and reports to the senior security and military leaders have a positive impact on addressing violations,” he said, His Sovereignty pointed out that there are a number of deputies in the current parliamentary session who have military and security experiences, this provides an opportunity to monitor and supervise security plans, especially the recurrence of terrorist attacks in a number of areas, including Diyala governorate, this special committee will prepare a detailed report and recommendations on the situation in Diyala and present it to the Parliament to take the necessary measures.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Thursday 9 June 2022