Al-Zamili chairs emergency meeting to discuss water shortage crisis

The First Deputy Speaker Mr.  Hakim al-Zamili considered cutting off water from Iraq by the neighboring countries “Turkey and Iran” a direct attack on Iraqi lives and cannot be tolerated. Al-Zamili threatened to work with the Council of Representatives to pass a law against trade with the two countries if they continued to cut back. He also saw that political differences, non-compliance with international agreements on water levies, and the lack of government laws that put pressure on the two countries had led to the water cuts.

This came while he chaired, today, Thursday, June 9, 2022, an emergency meeting at the Ministry of Water Resources,  in the presence of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Water and a number of its members, to discuss the water scarcity crisis, and the development of urgent solutions.

Al-Zamili noted that this parliamentary session would witness the passage of laws to guarantee the rights and future of Iraqis, expressing the Council’s determination to approve the third amendment to the “Operation of Irrigation and Drainage Projects” Law No. (138) for the year 1971 to address some prominent and important water issues. He called on citizens to rationalize water consumption while urging the media to run a campaign on the matter.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office