During his meeting with the Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union and his accompanying delegation, al-Zamili remarks: All political forces must work to serve Iraq

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hakim al-Zamili received in his office today, Thursday – May 26, 2022, the Secretary-General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union Mr. Salah Al-Din Muhammad Baha and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of the Head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc MP Jamal Kojer and MP Muthanna Amin.

During the meeting, they discussed political issues and initiatives aimed at converging views between political forces. Al-Zamilli explained that the exceptional circumstances that have arisen in the region and around the world require everyone to work hard to form a strong government that can handle the situation.

Al-Zamili stressed that the lack of political agreement between the blocs does not mean that the work of the legislature should be disrupted, stressing that all political forces must strive to serve the people, noting that the Council of Representatives insists on passing legislation necessary at this stage.

The First Deputy Speaker media Office