The most important thing mentioned in the speech of the Speaker of Parliament during the 33rd Emergency Special Conference of the Arab Parliamentary Union

وح Here are the events that confirm indisputably that we are part of great and qualitative challenges that require all of us to take a firm, decisive and real stance that rises to the level of necessity and need, in a significant and historic moment, awaits its people and those who deserve it in words, action, will and faith.
م The escalation has reached a period that cannot be kept silent, neglected, postponed, and we are today, as representatives of the will of our people, we bear moral and religious responsibility before political and official responsibility, and bravery and loyalty before interest and need call us to be called upon. Our conscience commands us before duty.
الثالثThis emergency holding session in its 33rd season coincides with recent events of the occupied land, and the dangerous escalation carried out by the Zionist occupation forces.
ونة The horrible crime pre-determination, speculation, and intention in the assassination of the brave martyr journalist Sherin Abu Aqla, who has become an icon of sacrifice and honor for journalistic and media.
رام The practices of the occupation revealed the crimes of the Zionist entity and its disregard for all human values and principles, its clear violation of international laws and customs, and its traveler over the immunity of the press and its humanitarian role to reveal the truth and access to information.
يانThe Iraqi Parliament has taken its brave decision to proceed with legislating the prohibition law on normalization with the occupying Zionist entity, as a real and clear reflection of the will of the Iraqi people, who has been, and is for decades, considered the Palestinian cause at the top of its national and Islamic priorities.
يت The situation of Jerusalem and the occupied lands, in particular the Islamic and Christian sanctuaries, requires an Arab position established for a clear international position that activates the international decisions issued in favor of the Palestinian cause.
إلى All of this requires us to mobilize and mobilize at the popular and official levels, a supported effort by the media, a serious political movement in international and regional forums, starting from the effort of the Arab Parliamentary Union to the Islamic and international, and passing through the medium communication level A and multiple, reaching the possibility of achieving a new international position having a positive impact And the reality of the Palestinian issue is clear.
Media bureau
For the speaker of the house
May 21, 2022