Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah strongly criticizes the policy of the Federal Oil Ministry to create problems between the region and the federal government in an attempt to destabilize and overlook corruption files  

In a statement issued by his media office today, Sunday, 5/15/2022, the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, strongly criticized the policy of the Ministry of Oil in the federal government and the person of the minister who is pressing to create problems between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government and fabricating false accusations against the Peshmerga forces, And the dissemination of lies through the North Oil Company and its claim of control and transgression over the Bai Hassan and Dawood Korkah fields in Kirkuk governorate, His Sovereignty stressed that these lies and allegations were wholesale and in detail denied by the Kurdistan Regional Government and in an official statement, During his personal contact with both sides of the federal and regional forces, it was found that there was no military movement in the seam areas.

The Deputy Speaker indicated by saying, “We followed the issue in detail from yesterday, and we express our regret for what was found to be pressure by the Minister of Oil in the Federal Government on the North Oil Company to publish allegations for political goals to maintain positions and mix papers to destabilize the region and Iraq in general, and to overlook the files of corruption, after the Minister of Oil knew that the Council of Representatives had completed all legal and constitutional procedures to question him in the upcoming sessions. Abdullah denounced these desperate attempts of the Ministry of Oil and its efforts to involve federal institutions in political issues to confuse the situation to serve factional interests and harm the national interest, and this is rejected by every patriot who is jealous of his country.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Sunday 15 May 2022