Al-Halboosi meets the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

‏The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi and his accompanying delegation met on Wednesday with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ibrahim Raisi.
‏During the meeting, they discussed developing relations and joint cooperation between the two countries in all fields at the trade and economic level in a way that serves the interests of the two neighboring peoples and contributes to achieving development and stability, stressing the importance of parliamentary cooperation to strengthen the bonds of relations between the two countries.
‏H.E. the Speaker pointed to the importance of strengthening cooperation at the parliamentary and executive levels and bilateral relations, stressing the importance of joint work and activating parliamentary diplomacy to solve problems in the region and strive to achieve security and stability in it.
‏”Our two countries have gone through difficult years. Iran has been subjected to economic sanctions. Iraq has been subjected to terrorism, and everyone has been affected by the global and health crisis represented by the Corona pandemic, as well as repeated violations of the sovereignty of countries, so we look forward to the coming days to be better for our peoples, and this is our responsibility to strive together to arrange the situation in the region in a proper way and upgrading our relations” H.E. added.
‏For his part, the Iranian President welcomed His Excellency, renewing his congratulations to him on the occasion of his re-election as Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, expressing his happiness for the close relationship between the Iranian Shura Council and the Iraqi Council of Representatives, hoping that this visit will be a turning point to improve relations between the two countries, noting that the new Iraqi Parliament would play an active role in the context of promoting rapprochement and economic and social cooperation, and would be a headquarters for strengthening parliamentary cooperation with neighboring countries, stressing that Iran would spare no effort to cooperate in this regard.
‏Mr. Raisi expressed his country’s support for Iraq and its stability, hoping that reconciliation and harmony would prevail among the political forces and that the formation of the new government in Iraq would be completed as soon as possible, and achieving the aspirations of the citizens.
‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Apr 27, 2022