‏Al-Halboosi meets the Iranian Foreign Minister

‏The Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi and his accompanying delegation met on Wednesday with Iranian Foreign Minister Mr. Hossein Amir Abdollahian.
‏The meeting discussed strengthening relations between the two countries and upgrading them at the bilateral, regional and international levels, the issue of water security and addressing environmental problems, as well as the issue of increasing the amount of gas according to the request of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity.
‏During the meeting, al-Halboosi referred to the depth of relations between the two countries and the need to strengthen means of cooperation in all fields, stressing the need to increase the amount of gas imported from Iran according to the request of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, especially with the advent of the summer.
‏He stressed “the importance of working to fully restore stability in the region by taking serious steps, and our peoples that we represent aspire to better relations, and that preserving sovereignty, good neighborliness and protecting citizens’ rights are general and constant principles in relations between the countries of the region and between the two neighboring countries,” adding that Iran’s stability is reflected in positively on Iraq, and the stability of Iraq will reflect positively on Iran and the region.
‏For his part, the Iranian Foreign Minister welcomed His Excellency and the accompanying delegation, expressing his thanks to Iraq for facilitating the discussions between the countries of the region, praising its role in this field, noting that the focus on political solutions and dialogue to get out of the current crises in the region will serve regional peace and stability, stressing his country’s support for Iraq and cooperation in all fields, including the issue of increasing gas quantities during the coming period.
‏Media Office
‏Of the Parl. Speaker
‏Apr 27, 2022