During the opening of the Security and Military Industries Exhibition, al-Zamili calls for a comprehensive strategic agenda for the development and upgrading of the military and security institutions

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hakim al-Zamili called on the Ministries of Interior and Defense to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that sets priorities for the development of military and security institutions in the fields of armament, training and development. Al-Zamili added that the COR will allocate sufficient funds to support the industrialization of armaments and military and technology to help defend the country’s borders and capabilities.

This was his address today (Wednesday, March 2, 2022) at the opening ceremony of the 10th Iraqi Security, Defense and Military Industry Exhibition at the Baghdad International Fair in the presence of the Minister of Defense and the President of the Military Industrial Corporation, a number of MPs and senior officials in the Ministry of the Interior and Defense, with the participation from dozens of countries and local, Arab and international companies.

Al-Zamili remarked, “There is no safety or refuge from external ambitions based on authoritarianism, influence, and domination, and threats from extremism and terrorism unless a strong military and security establishment is built, with expertise and capabilities, with sufficient equipment to defend the homeland”, urging security agencies to draw on domestic and foreign experience in capacity building, especially in communications and advanced technologies.

The First Deputy Speaker Media Office