Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah, while heading an expanded meeting with the Ministers of Trade and Agriculture, stresses the importance of maintaining levels of food security, and the possibility of including farmers’ entitlements in the federal budget for 2022…

His Sovereignty the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Dr. Shakhwan Abdullah Ahmed, headed an expanded meeting in the Constitutional Hall today Tuesday 8/2/2022 with His Excellency the Minister of Trade, Dr. Alaa Ahmed Al-Jubouri, His Excellency the Minister of Agriculture, Eng. Muhammad Al-Khafaji, and a number of Representatives from different parliamentary blocs, In the presence of the hosting requester, MP Haider Al-Shamkhi. During the meeting, the issues and files facing the trade and agriculture sectors were discussed, and ways to remove obstacles and problems, activate agricultural initiatives, provide items for the ration card and food basket for poor families, and deliver basic foodstuffs to camps for the displaced.

In the context of his speech, the Deputy Speaker of the Council stressed the importance of maintaining food security levels in the country, and overcoming the difficulties and obstacles facing the Trade and agricultural sectors with the necessary laws and legislation, While he stressed the need to address the problems related to property disputes and the issue of overtaking agricultural lands in a number of Iraq’s governorates, Abdullah indicated the possibility of including the financial dues of the farmers of the Kurdistan Region and the rest of the governorates of Iraq for the past years in the draft federal budget law for 2022 through exchange doors and transfers, while His Sovereignty listened to the interventions and opinions of the representatives, as well as a review of the ministerial efforts made to provide services to citizens.

Media Office of the Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives
Tuesday 8 February 2022