Al-Zamili: Presidency will not allow parliament’s work to be disrupted

The First Deputy Speaker Mr. Hakim Abbas Al-Zamili stressed that the Presidency of the Council will not allow parliament’s work for the current parliamentary session to be disrupted and that it will re-activate the legislative process to pass pending legislation.
During his attendance at the introductory symposium for the new MPs of the fifth parliamentary session, which was held under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Council and organized by the Parliamentary Research and Development Institute, Al-Zamili said that the members of the Council must live up to the trust people have placed in them to achieve desired reform at the parliamentary and governmental levels.
Al-Zamili stressed that the Council seeks to make this parliamentary session the most prominent and effective by passing laws related to the economic, security, and agricultural aspects, addressing unemployment, combating corruption, drugs, smuggling operations, and controlling borders.
He emphasized that the legislative institution will monitor and evaluate government performance, regardless of who will lead the next government, and will be firm and serious in holding it accountable to ensure the establishment of a strong, prosperous, secure, and corruption-free Iraq.
The First Deputy Speaker Media Office